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NinjacartAs an MLOps engineer, I highly recommend NimbleBox. It has transformed the way our team approaches ML model prototyping and experimentation. The platform takes care of all backend infrastructure and security concerns, allowing us to focus on what really matters - developing high-performing models. Deployment and monitoring have never been easier. With NimbleBox, we've been able to save time and resources while improving the overall efficiency of our ML workflow.
RajeshRajesh, MLOps Engineer at Ninjacart
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Free ForeverSwitch plans
No. of. Instances1
StorageUp to 25GB
Hardware Customisation
Shareable Templates
Auto Shutdown6 Hours
Dedicated Hardware
Custom Bootup Script
Public Ports
Instance Backup
Region Switching
Deploy & Jobs
Free API Calls500
Inactive Serving Deletion24 hours
Auto Scaling-
Monitoring & Alerting
Experiment Tracking
No. of. ExperimentsUnlimited
Rule-based Alerts
Live Model Monitoring
Project Artifacts
Bring Your Own Cloud
Connect to your AWS, Azure, GCP-
Team Management
No. of. Members1
Permission Groups
Collaborative Workspace
Audit Log
Workspace Analytics
Email Support-
Slack Support-

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial of the Team plan?

We believe in trying before buying. We offer a standard 2-week trial for interested teams and businesses so you can evaluate how NimbleBox can supercharge ML development and deployment for your team. Reach out to us!

What happens when the trial ends?

Before the trial, we work with your team to understand how to measure its success. If you aren't able to evaluate NimbleBox during your trial, please reach out to us at support@nimblebox.ai with your information. We will verify your usage and extend your trial by an additional week, if that helps with your evaluation.

Do you offer a discount for startups?

Yes, you can try out the Team plan for 14 days. After the trial period, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee.

Do you run on top of our cloud account?

Yes, NimbleBox manages your cloud account to train and deploy your machine learning models and maintain your MLOps workflow. Reach out to us at support@nimblebox.ai to learn more.

Is there a free trial of the Team plan?

NimbleBox runs on your cloud account with only the necessary IAM permissions required to manage your MLOps pipeline. We additionally have a SOC2 Type 2 certification.

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