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Amazon Web Services Cloud

Run Nimblebox Workloads on your AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services Cloud

Run Nimblebox Workloads on your AWS Cloud

How it works

NimbleBox comes with several cloud integrations to enable you to use your own cloud account with a simple and intuitive interface.

The Cloud Integration Setup guide explains how to connect to your AWS account and use AWS resources within the NimbleBox platform.

AWS Integration on NimbleBox provides a powerful and convenient way for you to take advantage of the many features of AWS and Kubernetes.Whether you need to create instances, run batch processing jobs, or deploy scalable applications, NimbleBox has you covered.

After completing the Integration Setup successfully, go to the feature you want to use (such as Build, Jobs, Deploy) and choose your cloud integration from the drop-down menu on the top-left.

Amazon Web Services Cloud


Build on AWS

AWS Integration on NimbleBox allows you to create and manage AWS instances directly from the NimbleBox dashboard. This feature allows users to easily spin up new virtual machines on AWS and run applications on them such as VS Code, ML Flow, Jupyter Lab, Jupyter notebooks with just a few clicks.

Jobs on AWS

This Integration also allows you to create jobs on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) that spin up Kubernetes containers for batch processing on CPU or GPU machines. This makes it simple for you to run tasks on a regular or scheduled interval, or to do large automated, scalable batch processing tasks on AWS. Jobs can be configured to include custom retry logic in the event of a failure.

Deploy on AWS

Finally, this Integration allows you to create Kubernetes deployments on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with managed traffic routing. This enables you to easily deploy and manage applications on AWS using the powerful and flexible features of Kubernetes such as auto-scaling, ensuring that applications are always available and responsive to user requests.