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Auto Scale

What is AutoScale?

The autoscaling feature allows you to scale your Instance Application as its demand increases or decreases. You can save money by decreasing the number of resources used when demand is low and adding resources when demand is high to prevent performance issues. You specify a minimum and a maximum number of pods, and then you create rules that automatically add or remove pods based on CPU usage. Having a maximum number of pods allows you to specify the upper limit of the costs.

Autoscale currently scales only horizontally, which means you can add more pods in response to an increase in load or reduce the number of pods when there is less workload. It also provides the flexibility to run many pods to handle the load.

Setting up your NimbleBox AutoScaling

You can use NimbleBox's autoscale settings to scale your resources when demand increases or decreases automatically.

Take a look at the steps below:

Auto scale image


Open your NimbleBox Workspace


In the top right corner of the deployment group, select 'Manage.'


Click the 'Settings' tab in the deploy module.


Then scroll down to 'Scaling' on the page that appears.


To start scaling automatically in NimbleBox, toggle the Auto Scale option.


Enter the minimum and maximum replica numbers.


Specify the CPU usage threshold and click 'Save'.

You're all set! You've set up autoscaling to scale your deployments based on CPU usage.

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