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Share your projects

Sharing projects is a great way to give your teammates access to the instance files and the environment in which you're working. It eliminates the need for a set-up, avoids the installation of libraries, and makes it easy to clone, which saves time. However, you have to be the instance's maintainer to share the instance with your workspace members. You can only share the instance that you have created.

To share your instance with members:

Invite members image


Go to the workspace where the instance is available.


Select the icon on a instance you want to share and choose 'Invite members.'


Type the email and then select the role you want to provide them.


Click 'Add Members' to add workspace members to your instance.

For more information on build permissions, click here.

To view all your shared projects


From your NimbleBox Workspace, go to the build section.


Select the 'Shared with me' tab to view all projects shared with you.

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