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Manage your Storage

We've added the ability to customize your instance storage, so here's how you do it.

The charges are based on the amount of storage space you use. You will be able to get your desired storage as per your requirements and pay only for what you use.

What occupies your storage?

  • Libraries and Packages
  • Files and Folders

The system storage is 8.69 GB, contributing to your instance's environment and pre-installed packages.

To increase your instance storage capacity,


Go to NimbleBox Build settings and scroll down to the Storage section.


Click the 'Increase Storage' button.


Increase your storage capacity by sliding the scale bar to the right.

The pricing for cloud storage plans works as follows.

You will be charged 1$ per month for 10 GB of your instance storage.

You will see the total cost of your configuration in a summary box to the right of the slide bar.

Storage can only be increased and not decreased.

You might consider selecting the storage just enough for your libraries, data, and other files for optimal storage utilization. However, if your model creates output files, you must account for them in your storage calculations.

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