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Choose the right hardware configuration

NimbleBox provides you with a range of GPUs that can be tailored to your specific needs. Being a modular platform, NimbleBox provides customization based on your workload.

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To compare GPU pricing for the different GPU models available on NimbleBox, see GPU pricing.

NimbleBox allows you to create a instance from scratch, from GitHub, a shared instance.

Regions and availability

NimbleBox GPUs are available in certain locations. It is spread across India, USA and Taiwan. Do reach out to us in case you need additional zones. You can use regions to minimize the latency of the customers and also the availability of instances. Nvidia K80 GPUs have higher availability.

To change the regions:


Choose the instance you want to start and click 'Start instance.'


Go to the Advanced section


Select the location from the region drop-down.


Choose the required GPU from the list.


Click 'Save.'

Stop the instance to change the regions or zones.

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