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Advanced Hardware Configuartion

Pre-emptible instances


Pre-emptible projects cost significantly less than dedicated instances. We recommend pre-emptive projects for short-term projects and quick edits to code and noncritical work that does not require more than 24 hours of active time.


Pre-emptible projects may shut down automatically if resources on NimbleBox are limited, irrespective of the auto-shutdown timer. The maximum runtime for pre-emptible projects is 24 hours.

Dedicated projects

You can choose to run a instance without interruption by selecting the dedicated instance type, which stops only when the auto-shutdown timer has reached its limit, or your credits have run out.

Auto-shutdown Timer

Training models takes time. Instances may run for days for the model to be trained and tested. gives you an auto-shutdown timer that automatically shuts off your projects when you forget to stop them.

To cut down costs, has an auto-shutdown timer that lets you set a specific time when your instance should close. You can customize the timer according to your needs.

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