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Manage your instance Versions

NimbleBox makes it easy to manage the versions of your projects. You can create templates only in organizational workspaces. You can create multiple versions of models, retrieve a specific version of a model, and build on top of it.

Templates provide a reusable code base that reduces the need for rewriting code and managing environments. However, generating multiple templates can lead to additional storage costs. You can view the storage costs of templates while creating a new template.

Note: You should launch your instance at least once before creating a template.

NimbleBox create instance template

To create a template for your current instance:


Navigate to the 'Build' section of your organizational workspace, then select the instance from which you want to create the Template.


Under the Templates tab, click the 'Create Template' button.


Name your Template and provide a meaningful description, then click 'Save.'

NimbleBox view instance template

To view the templates available in your workspace:


Go to the 'Build' section of your organizational workspace.


Then, select the 'Templates' tab to see a list of templates available for your use.

NimbleBox delete instance template

To permanently delete a template from your workspace, follow these steps:


In the 'Build' section of your organizational workspace, click 'Templates.'


Select the … icon next to the Template you want to delete and click ‘Delete Template.’


Now, enter the name of your Template and confirm your deletion.

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